Hello one and all!

Apologise for the lack of comms - its been a crazy few weeks!

Up this week is 2 new additions to the growing Deathwatch force - maybe not inkeeping with the lore, however I'm going for things I like the look of!

First of all, is a slightly converted Contemptor dreadnought. I've had this guy for a while, and didn't touch due to the lack of the pose - this was the plastic 'custodes' version. I opted to chop the leg a little to give him more of a running pose, which was added by the position of the left fist. Really happy with this one!

Next up is an odd one - I opted for the Khyrabdis Assault Claw drop pod - previosuly this was painted blue, however I liked the idea of the Master of the Watch opening the vaults in a Deathwatch station to access the old tech from days gone bye due to the situation the imperial force finds them in.. the question is would they use the drop pod...



Thanks for looking! LH (25pts)