Bless me #WarHamFam for I have sinned, it's been nearly 3 months since my last confession! Not to mention it's been two months since my last blog post. However, after #DreadTober I felt like I needed to take a bit of a break.

I've not done a huge amount of hobby in that time. But I did end up going to Armies On Parade in an actual store and I have a couple of NOT battle reports to share from my weekend at Otty's. Also, my job has a bit of a blogging element to it now; so whereas doing the blog used to be something different from my day job, now it overlaps. This means that the blog isn't always the escape from what I do on a day-to-day basis that it used to be. Therefore it's much harder to be motivated and without the content what are you gonna do?

I just wanted to check back in, say I am still around and with that time off I finally became motivated to put some Skeleton Bone on my Terminators. Yes, my Deathwing are finally progressing again, just in time to be semi-redundant with new Deathwing on the way. Although, I am no fan of the tiny new Mace's of Absolution. But I've overcome the initial lake of motivation to paint them. Statistically I may only be 25% through them but the two sets of bone highlights are the hardest and most tedious aspects of the model. Everything after that is mainly detail work with limited blending, except for the green tabards. I just want them done and out of the way.

After that I've plenty of Tyranids to add washes to, I've done a fair bit of base-coating I need to share. As much as I organise my efforts with my TO DO LIST I've been quite happy to set a hobby season 'satisfied' point and I'm very much thinking the Deathwing will meet that quota. So, if any of these Tyranids get done I'll be over the moon.

For now I'm going to leave it there, I'll have a better idea of things after Christmas.