Here is more work-in-progress on this chap continuing on from the last post.  In this first pic I added some more white ink, mostly to the hand. White was added to the skull on the ground as well as this dude's face. Base coats were also applied to the purity seals also. 

Guliman Flesh Contrast Paint was washed over the face. This is probably my favorite of the Contrast Paints, it never fails to give me the results that I want. The tubes that run down his sides got a coat of White as well. Macrage Blue layered onto the armor at this stage. 

For this next step I used Retributor Gold on the ornamentation that adorns this majestic suit. On the armor I once again telied on my mid-'90s Ultramarines Blue. That is still the best paint for Ultramarines, you can't convince me otherwise. 

Contrast paints were used on the tubes. I think this was a good choice, as the colors really pop and it took little time to accomplish. The skull was give a cost or two of Skeleton Horde Contrast Paint. I live that color also. I am thinking about trying it out on a Deathwing Terminator that I have hanging around to see how well it will work, but that's for another time.

Most of you probably tuned in to see if I pulled off the Psychic energy painting, and I am sorry to say that hasn't happened yet. Mostly due to me not having the proper paint color (or even a good analog for it). 30 years in this hobby and I simply didn't have those colors.. So I eventually made it to a game store and picked up a few that should do the trick. I will attempt that in the next part of this series which, hopefully, will see this guy wrapped up. 

Until then, have a merry one!