Afternoon #warhamfam and #warhammercommunity Following on from previous year's spending record I've kept another log for 2023 [and will do so for 2024]. The final figure of just under £621 represents a significant increase on last years gross spend of £287, clearly more than double! And there was me expecting to not buy much. However, I had saved up some Christmas money and I had a cash leaving gift from colleagues my old job that I specifically earmarked for  40k10th edition and to go towards the Lion and the Norn Emissary. That's helped subsidise my spend on the hobby by £196, bringing it down to £425 which is around £32.50 a month. Here's the breakdown:

Yeah, that's a lot of money and a lot of figure purchases, some of which I've no idea about when or even if I'll get round to painting. 10th Edition is underwhelming and I'm beginning to question why I'm investing so much money and time in painting figures I will not use. So much for my 40k addiction! With hindsight I should have realised my prediction of being frugal was misplaced, knowing full well I had money burning a hole in my pocket and rumours of a new edition on the way. I did hint at the possibility with the new nids etc. but I should have known better

It's also worth noting the WarhammerFest tickets. Ordinarily that would have just been one for me at £20, but I took Oscar as well and then Paula agreed to come so triple what I'd have paid otherwise. I wouldn't have had it any other way but it was unexpected and significantly more. Will all this stop me buying more figures? Of course not. Even 12 months on I'm still thinking about a couple more Armigers and with Legion Imperialis the new Epic boxset I think the Adeptus Titanicus starter set may begin to disappear off shelves, and by the looks of it it's already on back order. So if I want the added value in that box of giant freaking robots I may have already missed the boat. But as I said in December I haven't even played AT yet and I can't imagine playing soon. So why am I even thinking about it? 

On the plus side I probably have some Christmas money and also a Google Adsense payment about to mature so that will subsidise whatever potential big purchase in 2024. I could get those Armigers and maybe even a Cerastus Acheron, if the titans are gone. I doubt I'll get anything from the new Dark Angels incoming. I've plenty space marines from Leviathan I can have a go at. Fingers crossed 2024 is frugal.