Hello Readers, Happy New Year! and thanks for dropping by. I am scheduling these posts again as I return overseas. This is the fourth of many Dreadnought reinforcements I bought from Goddenzilla at Kaiju Country blog. A basic Multi-Melta and Power Fist variety, attached to my 5th Company.
I tried out the new Relictors "Side Skull" decals again from Fallout Hobbies, liking these - it will be a slow burn to retro fit all the Battle Companies so far! But newer additions such as this get the suitable icons.
A worthy addition to any Space Marine force, that's 14 Dreadnoughts with 5th Company now... a little excessive haha, but only with 5 Dreadnoughts in 4th Company so more of these Goddenzilla reinforcements will go to 4th Company as it grows.

Cheers, Siph (5pts)