It is 2024! Let's review what I finished in 2024! 


I'm going to let the pictures do the talking. Each title is a link to the finished project where you can find all you might want to know about how I painted these things and the processes that got me there. As I usually do I try to list these in order of completion. 

Deathwatch Veteran Bikers

Worldeaters Master of Executions


Technically Kharn was done a few years ago, but his expanded base was enough of an upgrade that I felt he deserved to be on here. 

Nurgling Ripper-rider-objective marker.

Classic Screamer Killer

Ripper swarm. 

'90s Space Marine Challenge.

Inquisitor Alpha

Original old one eye.

Deathwatch Dreadnought

Voss Prime Skitarii

Voss Pri me Dominus

Ultramarines assault intercessors.

There were plenty of models started or worked on in 2023 that I did not get finished. I did not include 'battle-ready' models on this list either as I don't regard them as done by my standards. 

Most recently  the Ultramarines Librarian who spent the last day of 2023 being reglued after a CATastrophic event from the day left him separated from his axe.  I will expand upon this event more on the next update regarding this model. And yes, the cat still lives...


As for hobby goals in 2024 goes, I have a few. I want to do more with my Primaris Ultramarines and get them to at least 1k points of painted models. Then I plan to return to the Tyranids. My family will be moving to a new location in the Spring (if all goes well) and I hope to be able to start working on terrain for my home table as well as the big homesteading project: orks! With the old world returning I'm excited about the prospect of finishing my Orcs and Goblins army and who knows what else that could lead to... Empire and Bretonians maybe? I am excited for the new year ahead, even if only a fraction of these projects get done I am still hoping for some good fun to be had!