3D printed destroyed vehicle for WW2 games in 28mm. Plant based gray elegoo resin.

Sprayed camo tan Krylon paint and primer combo. Washed with Secret Weapon (SW) Dark Sepia brushed up and touch ups SW light Dust. Weathering with Forge World (FW) weathering powder Black Soot. Edge highlights for damages SW Engine Metal. Ground cover Army Painter (AP) Highland Tufts and Lowland Shrubs.

A few other projects on the desk. Notably a WW2 german Sd.Kfz.9 from the same file collection. Its really illustrative in terms of how massive that vehicle really was compared to other vehicles in its class. 

Also appearing are a couple of “nearly dones” from the Junkfort, some fishing boats and a small ship for use with Blood and Plunder and general Roleplaying games.

Back to the grind!