Afternoon #WarHamFam and #WarhammerCommunity y'know how I spent a fair bit on the hobby in 2023 and said I would be frugal for 2024...

Yeah, I've already started the new year off with a couple of significant purchases. With Adeptus Titanicus MIA, I went with some other big robots - Armigers. Now, I may prefer the bigger ones but it's undeniable the smaller ones are more useful and versatile - specifically in smaller games. Should I ever play 10th again having 6 Armigers would add that extra level of choice. Now I did consider getting an Acheron as well at this point, but common sense prevailed. Also, I'd been given £40 in Christmas money, so they were practically paid for completely.

Now, before Christmas I'd seen some suggestions that the new HeroQuest was half price on Amazon. This was not true. However, Zavvi had it for just £47.99 [down from £107.99]. Now I thought if I got some Christmas money I would get it, but come boxing day it was no longer available, just some of the expansions. Well, fate intervened and I wasn't buying a game I may never play, even if it was an absolute bargain. 

Except, just the other day it popped up as available again so I ordered it. Now if you too think it's a bargain, or want to get any of the expansions, which are up to 50% off, then please consider using my referral link: I make £3 for every referral using DAVE-R2NU and you get an additional 10% off, so HeroQuest would be just £43.19 [plus £2 p+p]! Hopefully I may get round to playing it, maybe it's something I can play with my youngest. But even so it's an absolute bargain!