Famed Necron Overlord Imotekh the Stormlord has already completed his New year's resolution!

His brand new sexy (plastic) body is so much more majestic than his old, shorter, Finecast resin form.  Much sharper details as one would expect, and no more living in dread that the resin will snap, and be nigh impossible to repair. New figure will lead his Phalanxes, Old body goes to the museum shelf! 

I had mentioned that I am doing a Inquisitor versus Necrons narrative campaign. I want it to be Solo/co-op. Yes, that is correct. Much like Blackstone Fortress or some of the newer 40K computer games, I want it to be a heroic co-op adventure in the form of a skirmish game. The players will take the role of Lord Inquisitor Kyria Draxus and her buddies as they respond to a call from a mining outpost. 

Spoiler: The Ad-Mech have dug up a Necron Tomb. The Necrons woke up grumpy, Ad-Mech are pushy, hijinks and sci-fi violence ensue!

The biggest question is, what system should be used for this? I have started my quest, and have gathered a few different rules sets to audition. This will take a couple of weeks to determine a winner. I'll post with the results in a bit.

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