Welcome back Titanseers, thanks for dropping by. I have continued progress with "Raptor Astra" Warlord Titan, in company with my other Warlords I use 6mm MDF to base them, bases are a personal choice of course but I think they bring more strength and stability to this massive model, strength as the base acts as a third side of a triangle strengthening the legs and stability as the pose is not reliant on the toes for balance, the feet are glued and screwed firmly to the base.

I start off by tracing around the model with a couple of plates, cut the shape out and sand the edges smooth. Once the position is finalised I trace around the feet so I know where not to glue the sand and gravel. I place debris and 
Once the debris is mapped out and rocks glued down, the PVA is put down and sand added. I then once dry use a sharp blade to score the footprints for better epoxy resin glue adhesion for the feet themselves.
Here is the completed and painted base, complete with a Malinax Knight arm ripped off the chassis! Down with the traitors! The Rites of Colour continue for "Raptor Astra" Warlord no.258

A useful link to the whole Titan Construction process can be found HERE.

Cheers, Princeps Siph.