We have arrived to the finale of this saga. 

To date, I think this is my best painted Ultramarine model. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. Although I can see room for improvement, which is encouraging  and it will push me to do even better next time. 

In particular I think the psychic energy on the armor could've turned out more brilliantly. I think this is due to how I used the '90s Ultramarines Blue on top of the Macrage Blue which is a brighter result than the examples I reviewed when I started this guy. 

I decided to not have the runes glowing on the book, since I think it's obviously a tool not being used by this model in the moment. 

The most frustrating part of this whole model, yes even more than dealing with repairing the axe after the cat broke it, was the chapter decal. The one you see here is the final one. The first one sort of broke apart when I attempted to apply gloss ('ard Coat) to the decal after I used Microset on it.  After scraping off the whole decal I was able to get it to work the second time. 

I have definitely been spoiled by Guillman Fleshwash, it has completely transformed how I paint skin tones, especially faces.  I have seen examples of this model painted so that it's eyes are glowing the same color as the psychic effects on the armor and axe. Which is a pretty sweet way to tie it altogether. But I was happy with the model at this point and opted out of missing around with the face.

The next thing to do is to put him, securely, into a box and ship him off to Seattle! Hopefully he'll conquer whatever shelf/desk he comes to occupy.  I have to confess, if I can find time for a game I would love to get this guy into a battle report, but those odds are still low...


The model made to Jay successfully and intact! Hooray for that victory!