When the Stompa and four Deff Dread Gang rolls into you town, you have to make a stand!

I just had the urge to see what a Warhound (1100 points) can do in 10th edition.  Who should Lupus Magnus do battle with? A Stompa and 4 Deff Dreads (1320 points) proved to be a interesting battle.

Orks went first, the Stompa did 18 wounds, very nearly half of the Warhounds HP, with its opening salvo. Mostly from the Deffkannon. The lighter weapons had real trouble damaging the Warhounds Toughness of 14. The 2+/5+ save helped as well. 

Lupus Magnus return fire gutted the Stompa, 27 damage done from the Turbo Laser Destructors. The Dreads turned out to be very hard to damage with the Vulcan Mega-bolter: 18 hits, 6 wounds, 4 points of damage to Big Hugga, the close combat Dread.

Ill-fortune befell the Deffkannon's gun crew on the second turn, six shots, two hits, three points of damage! The Rokkits from Dread Tuska managed to score three hits, but not a single wound got through.

The Stompa was removed from the table by the Warhound's Turbo Laser return fire. Another four points of damage from the Vulcan Mega Bolter was just enough to kill the damaged Dread.

  In the end, only one Dread made it into close combat. It did not go well for it.

A quick and enjoyable battle that was something different. The Orks had really cold dice, and that made a huge difference. The Vulcan Mega Bolter seems extremely underpowered for a Titan Weapon. Next time I will use the stats for Plasma Blastgun instead. 

I am working on a variation of this mission, where the Warhound has to stop a mass of Orks from moving off the table edge it is guarding.

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