Welcome back Titanseers, I continue by delicate re-paint of "Raptor Astra", a fine job was done by Princeps Alan G who owned the titan before me but I wanted to make the titan my own and repaint the blues and golds to match my own Titans but preserve the superb job he had done. This was achieved by leaving some of the weathering exposed, re-applying new weathering, reducing the general wear and tear to suit my taste and re-colour a few panels in my own style.
Here you can see I preserved the white chevron plate however all the trim was re-done with my own Vallejo Brass (Gold) and completely re-painted the upper armour plate with new central decal and constellations.  
The central pauldron armour was re-painted with Kantor Blue and new weathering applied to blend in with the adjoining yellow rear panels. The lower shoulder pad was also repainted preserving the decals with some delicate brush work inbetween the sunbeams! The large cog was also half painted black to match my other Titans.
The 'headlights' were painted red to match my other Titans and a few decals were removed to suit my less busy style.
Here is a shot of the titan during re-attachment of the side panels, using gravity to keep in place. The main difference you may see compared to the opening shot is the re-paint of the large front pauldron glacis, now Kantor Blue to match my other titans (washed out by a flash). You can also see the repainted torso 'cheeks', with yellow stripes, Warlord Dominus Victoria has this design with white and blue, Ex-Noctia has red and blue too.
Finally for this post, you can see the addition of the blue and gold intact vent covers, to match my other Warlords on the void generator vanes. The fantastic metallics of the upper surfaces done by Alan G will remain. The Rites of Colour continue for "Raptor Astra" Warlord Titan No.258.

A useful link to the whole Titan Construction process can be found HERE.

Cheers, Princeps Siph.