Last couple of weeks has gone by in a rush and I have not had much time to do hobby stuff. So this will be a short update. After finishing the main blocks of the Opus I have gone back and started adding internal wall, door etc to give the model some more detail when presented without the flight deck. This is probably not strictly necessary as it will mostly have the flight deck mounted but it will look nice.

When I started this the idea was to also furnish each compartment, but I realized that I do not have that much time. Instead I added roofs to some of the sections to suggest some purpose to the space without having to actually come up with it and make all the details. I am also finding that the base structures are by no means straight, don't know what I was doing when I started this, but I obviously did not make sure the walls were at 90 deg to the floor or to eachother. So everything I do now has to be fitted to this wonky build. It is that or restart the entire top of the model and that will not happen. I am hoping that the scale of the model will make it less noticeable. Also, I have found that if you just burry things in details it becomes harder for the eye to see asymmetries etc..  there is just to much going. I will add some detail to the roofs in terms of pipes and some fans and general technical details.

In hind sight I should probably have used the side compartments to extend the hangar bay instead. It would have been easier and also provided more space for the air craft. As it is they will be stacked in the core only. There will be two levels where the second is mostly made up of the elevators being parked half way.

Once I am done with this I need to make sure the internal panelling in the hangar bay match to the sections so that I do not have holes etc in the coverage.