After the frenzied pace of the holidays and my invigorated art schedule, it's been nice to find a few fleeting moments to revist Titus.  Part 1 was pretty much a declaration of intent and now we're into the work stages. 


...and that's as far as I got before a serious of events derailed me. 


First the weather knocked out our power for a few days, and without getting into the details of that saga I will just sum it up with that it sucked.

More trees fell then Dark Angels after the Heresy...

 Then I had a minor heart attack and spent five days in the hospital. I am home now, but I am out of work, resting, while waiting to see when I am going to have open heart surgery.  It's a difficult time. My primary arm is still recovering from the heart catheter procedure and doing fine things like painting, drawing, etc. causes me pain. Not a fun time huh? 


But hopefully that should pass soon. I don't know when the heart surgery will be, but afterwards I will be out of work for 5-8 weeks. And it's going to be tough! My family started a gofundme to help out*, and I'm not asking for help per se, but if you feel inclined to do so I will be forever grateful. 

I hope this year turns around for the better soon...

*Note from Da Masta Cheef:  "Also a word of caution on GoFundMe: the 'suggested tip' at the end is both unnecessary, and does not go to Neverness' benefit. GoFundMe keeps that for themselves on top of the fees that they collect, the sneaky gits!'