This year I got the box with the Gaunt's Ghosts for Christmas. I have been looking at this set for some time but not really felt connected with them more than that I knew they were famous. But, after finishing all the omnibusses during summer they are no longer strangers to me. So it was a real pleasure to get the box from the wifey, but also a feeling of dread. How to paint them to make them justice? Their fatigues are black and that in itself is problematic as it is a difficult colour to get right. And it tends to  become just a big blob of all the same. Also, the famous camo cloaks were a bit of a problem. On the box are they are green with some light camo pattering but I was not sure that that would cut it, or that I could pull it off.

So, I decided to try to make a numer of different black shades on the bots, jackets, armour paunches etc. I am not sure if it made that much of a difference though. For the cloaks I went with something a bit more exotic. Instead of using traditional camo I went with a "shimmering" effect, were the cloak shifts colour over a gren-bron-yellow scale depending on how it falls. If one could make such fabric it would at least not be your standar type camo cloak.

For the skin I went for a pale pink type, but with enough red to give it some warmth compared to the black. I tried adding some blue tattoos but my brush and hand was not good enough for any fancy stuff.

The bases were blinged out a bit by adding some cork concrete and plaster craters. Over all I am happy with how they turned out.

My favourite of these models is Oan Mkoll. He just looks so cool sitting in his tree and being lite "You are inte the wrong forest my friend" - to quote someone on the internet.

Sadly there are no models for the rest of the core cast, Dorden, Milo, Golea, Soric, Brostin, Faegor, Mk Venner, Daur, Merrt, Caffran, Ayatani Zwail, Anna Curth any many more. Perhaps I will have to try do make some, but I doubt that I can get it to the same level as these with the detail.

Colonel-Comissar Ibram Gaunt

Colonel Colm Corbec

Major Elim Rawne

Scout Sergant Oan Mkoll

Master Sniper Hlaine Larkin

Trooper 'Try Again' Bragg