A week ago I was released from the hospital  (yay!) But with a lame primary arm. (Boo). You can see more details on all of that in the previous post.. I couldn't paint or draw,  but I could, carefully, build models. As you might be aware, my pile of unbuilt kits is somewhat overwhelming and it's nice to find time to build some of  them even though the circumstances suck. It was relaxing actually and helped take my mind off things. 

Primaris invasion! 

So what did I build? Well, mostly all of the marines from my Imperium Magazine collection. Starting with a squad of Eliminators. Although technically I haven't finished building them yet as their gums and backpacks cover up a lot of details I need to be able to reach with my paint brush. So I will finish their build-outs as I paint them. 


Next came the Primaris Lieutenant in Phobos Armour. I think he'll be a perfect leader for my Reivers. Even though he's not  nearly as terrorifying despite his big-ass knife. 

Lt. with scary mask envy.

The next unit that was assembled was  a rather large unit of Infiltrators. I think these models are rather bad-ass and I am very impressed with their poses and details. 

Does he  have a wrist mounted ...TV? 

"Yeah, anyway where was I?"

Pew pew.

I followed that up with the assembly of a Primaris Librarian with the cameoline cloak. I'm thinking that this guy might be fun to stick with the Eliminators since clearly they shop at the same military surplus outlet. 

Librarian Excedrin.  

Next came a squad of Assault Intercessors. I was careful to make sure not to use the same head on the Sergeant to distinguish him from the first squad of these guys that I have already built. 

Assault Intercessors Squad 2.

While building these guys I happened to review their army list to see that the Sergeant can have a different load out which inspired me to assemble the next squad of Assault Intercessors with a very kit-bashed Sergeant.  His head comes from the Ultramarines  Upgrade Sprue, the thunderhammer is from the old Vanguard kit, and his hand flamer is the classic one from the early '90s Space Marine accessory sprue.  I think I dig him! 

"I will set them on fire then beat 'em with my hammer!"

The final guy to be assembled (mostly) during this construction spree was the Ancient. This is the one from the 8th edition launch box that I later found on ebay.  I prefer him over the one that GW currently sells in a claim shell pack. For a guy called "the Chaper Ancient" I thought it made since for him to have a helmet that reflected this concept. Also it's a call-back to the first Ultramarine models my brother I built back in '89 from the classic RTB01 kit. I left his banner detached at this time because I think it'll be easier to paint. 

"C"mon gimme a hand." 

All of these models will most likely get their own threads and posts here on the Chronicle at some point, either later this year or decade. But for now I'm celebrating getting so many models off of their sprues and frames and upright and sort of playable. Meanwhile, now that my wrist is starting to feel better I need to get back to the drawing board and focus on my 2-D art.