Long ago, Adeptus Titanicus was the first Games Workshop product I ever bought. It was quickly followed up by a purchase of the newly released Space Marine a few weeks later. A grand introduction to the fledgling Warhammer 40K universe. I have purchased and played every version of what has come to be known as Epic Scale ever since. 

I really enjoy the Grimdark at this scale, legions of infantry, companies of tanks, air power, and of course, Titans. It just looks so damn cool on the battlefield. Naturally I took the plunge as soon as the newest version, Legion Imperialis was realised. 

The slightly bigger scale (8mm vs the older not-quite-6mm) give the minis a bit more heft, and maybe a bit easier to paint? I am going to dive right in and start assembling/painting. I guess I should read the rules as well.

Go Roll Some Dice

Really Small Ones