Welcome Titan-seers, thanks for dropping by, here is Reaver Titan 'Aquila Occulus' re-armed with a couple of additional weapons I purchased, two Gatling Blasters for multi-barrel boom!
The Gatling Blasters are mid-range multiple barrel, mid strength guns compared to Volcano Cannons but if you like rolling dice and the idea of overwhelming your enemies voids or crippling with multiple explosions - then Gatling Blasters are for you! They are even fun and not OP in 40K games.
I bought these second-hand, but re-painted the blues to match my own titan Kantor Blue and washed the golds and added some washes to the metals and weathering to the muzzles. And added some details on the rear with the decal and cog motif. The main change I had from the original scheme was repainting the ammo magazine with Decayed Metal and washed with my custom green wash and highlight Balthazar Gold. I also added magnets so they are perfectly interchangeable between all my Battle Titans!
Here is Aquila Occulus, armed with carapace Vulcan Mega Bolter for shield stripping and Gatling Blasters for stripping any remaining shields and then damaging mid-tier Scout or Battle-line enemy Engines! I love the idea of Dakka Titans! My forthcoming Warlord will be a DakkaLord with two of these as carapace mounts.

Cheers, Princeps Siph (10pts)