These are the twenty termagants that came with the Space Marine II board game.  Despite being pushfit models, they still took a bit of time to assemble. I glued these critters together using a liquid plastic cement as I'm not keen on the notion of having bits detach themselves during transport. 

They're glad blast templates are no longer a thing.

I had a game recently that I needed ten more  termagants for, so I used half of this lot. To prep for the game  I basedcoated them using Contrast Paints. It was a speedy process but I think they turned out well. The Contrast Paints used were Skeleton Horde, Luxion Purple, and Ultramarines Blue. 'Three point minimum achievement' unlocked! 

The 1st group of ten in action. 

They performed well in the game, and by well I mean that they killed a single marine before being reduced to bug parts all over the sandy dunes of whatever world they were being pacified off of. At least it was quick. Mercifully quick. 

But so was painting these guys. Really, those three Contrast Paints did the trick of creating a nice three color minimum for play and they look decent in the photos also. And it only took an hour.  This will now serve as the foundation to paint them up to their final standard. An example of that scheme can be found and read about in Termagant Fun Part 4

The second group of ten was done almost as fast.  However I had time to do a few more things with them. 

The 2nd group of ten. 

I did a Wash of Waywatcher Green Glaze over their fleshborers. And I used Blood Angels Red Contrast Paint on the tentacle parts of the fleshborers and on the tongues of the termagants that are exposed.  Way too many of these guys have their tongues out for some reason. ..

The full basecoat. 

And in the next pic we can see the twenty termagants all gathered together. Ten have green guns and red tongues, but the other ten will catch up sooner than later. Actually, knowing my track record it may be later than sooner. After all these guys are battle-ready-enough, and I have some big bugz I'm eager to paint. 

Battle-ready, and ready for more battles! 

It just occurred to me that these guys are further along than poor old Titus. I need to get back to him soon as well! Also, I just might have the contents of a B&N boxed game actually fully painted sooner than later. Who would've guessed?