We recently got some cool attention in the international 30K scene with our in-house tournament Civil War's patrol format doing rounds in social media. A gaming group headed by @mp_miniatures based their local event in Spain on our system, and judging by the pictures created an amazing patrol experience for their sixteen players. Our friends at SN Battle Reports also gave the system a shout-out in their Initiative 10 YouTube podcast, which we hope has sparked some patrol enthusiasm among their followers. It's super cool to see some of the stuff we put out inspire hobbyists and gamers worldwide - Civil War especially is such a dear tradition to us and I genuinely think it's a nice casual format for beginners and veterans alike. It's also a sweet spot when it comes to the hobby, as the 500 point lists are much more approachable as projects compared to a full tournament-sized 3000 point army, which can take months or years to put together.

Thanks for all the shout outs - make sure to give the Initiative 10 Podcast and other SN Battle Reports broadcasts a follow!