Building up the Tyranids has been fun so far, and one of the jewels of my collection, and the army as a whole, is the Swarmlord. This was a gift from Mrs  Neverness for Father's Day 2023 so it ment a lot to me to get this critter built sooner than later. 

Freshly assembled. 

He was a fun kit to assemble but I wanted a special base for him. I found a molded base in bits drawer that I thought would work out well. Additionally I wanted some Astartes bits to scatter on it also. 

Dropped pistol.

The pistol is left over from a kit bash I did on an Assault Intercessor Sergeant.  I had a pistol grip left over from an old gun that I stuck on it to complete the look. 

Dropped head. 

The head is also a leftover from the Assault Intercessor kit. I will likely paint the helm as an Ultramarine but the temptation to paint it like a Black Dragon is pretty strong also...

He is now primed and ready for painting, and hopefully I can get him done during my many weeks of post-op recovery. But we'll see...