There are many like it, but this one is mine. 3D printing has hit full sized fun!

Mrs. Blackheart has gotten a fancy new Prusa XL, (huge, filament 3D printer) so I found  her a project worthy of it. Who has not wanted a full (human) sized Bolter? Well, I'm sure lots of people don't, but I'm not with that crowd.

A mere 150+ hours of printing will get you this:

Then, spray paint all the parts, now add some bolts, nuts, and a couple of springs. A few parts needed to be glued together, and so many test fittings and trimming. The charging handle slides, the magazine can be ejected, and the trigger pulls. A well done design. 

It was a bit of an inviloved project to bring together, but so worth it.

Afterwards she printing one using just colored filament, no painting at all! It came out really nice.

Now I need to start looking for a good chainsword file...

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