Doomy & Co.

After a recent game using the Tyranids, I recognized the need for a bit more variety in my fledgling invasion fleet.  So I decided to get on with my plan to assemble these very old 3rd edition era Zoanthropes as outlined in part one of this series.  

Pinvise blues. 

As some people might be rediscovering with the revival of Warhammer Fantasy Battle in the form of The Old World and the relaunch of a bunch of metal miniatures to support it, a lot of multipart metal miniatures require drilling and pinning. This is the technique of taking a pinvise or suitable drill to bore holes in two pieces and filling those voids with a connector, usually a brass rod or a wire, and superglue it all together.  Doing this makes the bond a lot stronger and hopefully the model won't fall apart on you later. I find the whole process to be a pain in the ass and I quickly found that I didn't miss it. But two of these models absolutely required it. 

The Doom! 

The Neurothrope,  that I like to think as my own lil' Doom Of Malan'tai came out as I had hoped. In fact I think he looks awesome. I actually thought that the 2nd edition Zoanthrope head was bigger than this but I am happy with it regardless.  Anyway, he looks cool with his buddies. 

The assembled Zoanthropes. 

At this point I kept seeing mold lines on the two 3rd edition miniatures, so before I added battlefield debris and other features for their bases I kept attempting to file down those lines. 

Primed and paint ready. 

Satisfied with those efforts I gritted up their bases. Since they're kind of a showcase sort of unit, I added the required skulls, helms, body parts and weapons to complete their look. Of course the Doom had Eldar parts since according to his bio that's his favorite snack.

These guys will now go into the queue. Some of you might know this, but I am having a surgery soon  (at the time of this writing, now set, a bit ironically, for Valentines Day) and I am preparing models to paint while I recover. Hopefully I can actually do that, but we'll see, as it will depend on how I'm feeling...