One of the biggest misses I thought GW did in recent times was not producing Worldeaters specific Chaos Terminators to support Codex: Worldeaters last year. (Yeah. I am still bitter about that book becoming redundant less than 6 months after it's release!) Trying to convert the Worldeaters khornate bunny ears onto these models has the potential to be challenging and disappointing. I made the choice to not even try it and just see what I could do with just paint. I'm shooting for a Blanchitsu-sque vibe with these guys...

I built these guys pretty much as the instructions recommended with exception to these two guys whom I used left over parts from the Chaos Sorcerer in Terminator Armor I finished a while back. 

This guy's got a snazzy Champion paldron.

Horn helm fitting for a leader. 

I really got into these guys, so much so that I felt compelled to dive right into painting them. I primed them with Chaos Black. The base coats were Khorne Red (appropriate, yes?) And for the filigree I used Brass Scorpion. 

All the skull and bones were picked out with Corax White

Tubes, joints, guns and spikes were all painted with Leadbelcher

Mephiston Red was used as the mid layer for the red armor. 

My old Blood Red was then applied for the top layer on the red. That color is still very much superior to any red that GW currently sells. 

The plasma coil on this guy's combiweapon was picked out with Corax White. I used Pylar Glacier over that, but it seemed a bit too thin. So I went over that again Ultramarines Blue then a final highlight of Corax White.

My new favorite Citadel color has got to be Cryptek Armourshade Gloss. It's great for getting an old rusty look on metal without taking the time I used to spend to get this look. A quick solution, and it works really well. 

Oxidized metal on part of this gun.

So I managed to jam out this unit fairly quick. Here they are, done! Decals and all. 

Finished group shot. 

The next series of photos are the fronts and backs of each model.

For some reason I seemed to have mounted the trophy racks on this model in a way that it seems that this Chaos Terminator wanted the heads to be looking at each it other. This amused me too, so I left it. 

I painted the two Imperial Guard heads that are on two of the trophy racks in the color of my Cadians. The decaying faces were done using a wash of Coachella Greenshade Wash with a layer of Pallid Wyche Flesh

I'm not sure if this is a Mk V or a Primaris helmet. Either way, I thought he should be an Ultramarine. For reasons. 

The decals on their right shoulders are from the new Worldeaters decals sheet that came out with last year's new kits. I like these a lot, and they were not nearly as difficult to work with as some decals like to be. I suspect that I was probably just lucky this time. 

The helmet on this base is a Chaos Space Marine. I decided to make it a Black Legion helmet, since those are my 'basic' Chaos Space Marines. In hindsight I wish I had painted it in Dark Angels colors. 

The Space Marine helm on the Reaper Autocannon model is intended to be a Black Dragon, but he could easily be a Deathwatch marine too I suppose. 

The powder scoring on the tips of the reaper cannon was done using Agrax Earthshade and Nuln Oil .  I think it came out better than I had expected it would. 

And that's all. Hopefully I will get the Worldeaters on a tabletop sooner than later. And whenever that happens these guys are sure to be joining them. Now if I can just motivate myself to finish the Jakhals...