20 vs.1, and the 20 don't have a prayer.

The March For Macrage continues with the completion of Titus, a model I started working on at the end of 2023. 

The Golden filigree and icons that adorn Titus were painted using the method I read in Imperium magazine, with the exception that I used a darker color for the base.coat  I first used that technique on a Primaris Lieutenant that I recently finished and I was pleased with how that turned out. 

The temptation to paint his weapons red was very strong. This would've conformed to the first squad of Assault Intercessors that I painted, but in the end I chose to have him resemble the box art and example in the Space Marine 2  boxed game. 

Blood For The Blood God was splattered on the chain sword, since clearly Titus is intended to be in combat. Bloody combat.. And one of the things I recall from the Space Marine 2 trailer is all the blood and gore. No that I"m thinking about, I probably should've had more of it on him...

There is only one decal on this miniature, the shoulder pad icon, and that was more than enough for me! Fighting bubbles and air pockets in decals is an aspect of this hobby that I loathe, but I'm satisfied on how it turned out. 

Over all, I am pleased with how thisbone turned out. I just with the GW design studio would finally release 40k rules for him. I suppose they're waiting for the video game to finally be released? 

Ok, show and tell is over, I think we can let him go out and play with this firends...

"Ah, This is living!"

Personal note time: For those of you who tuned into Part 2 and read about my health challenges, I can briefly update you now: at this time I still haven't had my open heart surgery. My heart anatomy is too complex for the local medical teams to deal with and I will likely have to make a cross country trip to have it done.  I'm out of work still, for now, until I get clearance otherwise.  Thanks again for the well-wishes and even more so to everyone who contributed to the gofundme page. I'm truly humbled by that support.