My all time favorite miniatures event is Adepticon. I went to Adepticon back in 2011 and played in the Warhammer 40k team tournament. It was such an incredible and fun event. And I’m lucky enough to go back again this year.

And this year I got a ticket for the Shatterpoint Team Tournament and I’m playing with my good buddy Mike.

I wanted to play something new and fun, but not necessarily the most powerful. So I decided to bring Ewoks. That’s right. Little teddy bear monsters.

Unfortunately, life has been really busy with a brand new job in December. So I only just got my Ewoks on the table. And I have a lot of painting to do with just over a week until Adepticon.

Ewoks Vs Dooku & General Kenobi

I decided to show a local how to play Shatterpoint and also test out the bears. Here’s what I brought:

My Roster

My Ewok strike team
  • Leia Organa, Freedom Fighter
    • Wicket, Intrepid Warrior
    • Ewok Hunters
  • Logray, Bright Tree Shaman
    • Paploo, Curious Creature
    • Ewok Trappers

My opponent played:

  • General Kenobi
    • Captain Rex
    • 501st Cloon Troopers
  • Count Dooku
    • Padawan Ahsoka
    • Magna Guards

The Game

Overall the Ewoks did reasonably well. We played Shifting Priorities and the Ewoks with their larger base could generally get to the center line objectives with a move action and a take cover action. I didn’t have to use force.

Ewoks setup

The first card was actually very exciting. It was the brand new Ewok Traps card. This is probably the worst time to draw the card. If you draw it later in the struggle you can affect multiple squads. And I unfortunately rolled the fail result. So it was the worst timing with the worst result. Just adding a pin to the Magna guard.

Definitely a miss. But hopefully I’ll have much better fortune at Adepticon.

I won’t go play by play but the Ewoks were fun. Logray’s aura is excellent. And Leia’s Explosion ability can be very powerful under the right circumstances.

A few turns into the game the ewoks are moving up the board.

I had Wicket move pretty early. He moved up the left side. And was able to hold the left objective on his own and wedge himself in a little nook so he couldn’t be pushed.

He held off against General Kenobi

Wicket defended against Kenobi

Wicket defended against Kenobi

Wicket was definitely above average. He has a push and shove on the first step of his combat tree. That meant he could push Kenobi off the gangway.

Later Rex came up and shot Wicket. When I came back to Wicket he did 8 damage to Rex and wounded him for the win.

Wicket wounded Captain Rex
Wicket Wounding Captain Rex

First Impressions

I don’t think Ewoks are top tier but I did learn a few things:

  • I didn’t use enough force. I had 3 force left when I cycled through my deck.
  • Leias explosion ability is situationally excellent
  • Wicket is surprisingly good at melee. He stabbed Captain Rex for the win.
  • Logray’s tactics ability with all Ewoks on the table is just silly.
  • Both parts of Logray’s identity (both the benefit for Scouts and Warriors) can affect Leia since she has both tags

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