As I mentioned in my previous post, I have a schedule to get an army done in time for next year's Bokur Brawl.  My first checkpoint was yesterday, and I mostly managed to stay on target.  There were three parts to the goal yesterday- pull out all my relevant models, verify what I own, and decided on a color scheme.

Pulling out all my models involved going through everything I owned- a larger task than might be immediately obvious.  I used the time to finally get all of my unassembled Warmachine models in place, which will make future projects easier.  This was a considerable amount of work and time... but I managed to get it done.

Seven 30-gallon tubs of storage later, all of my unassembled Warmachine models are in one place, aside from the Devourer's Host models, which are now in a single location.

I have not yet verified my inventory is what I expected, but that's one that I can do over the next week, as I assemble and start painting my 30 point army.

Speaking of, I decided to stick with a fairly standard color scheme for these guys.  I'll probably have some small variation to match my personal taste as I work through them, but the green/brown color combination is not something I've actually painted before, and should be easy enough to allow me to stick to the schedule, so that's what I'm going with.

That's it for now- I have a lot of work to do between now and May, but I will likely post at least one progress picture to show how things are coming along between now and then.

Thanks for reading!