I found myself in possession of a box of the new plastic grenadiers.  I like the sculpts and the selections available, all good stuff, although the grumpy ol' man bit of me would like to see truly modlular kits like the old Cadians, I do recognise that most of the time to resulting units would have a certain uniformity that belied the modular nature of the kit - ie almost all of the models produced fell into handfull of basic poses. 
The new Kill Team (at least the Sisters, DKK & Kasarkin I've sampled) and Necromunda (Cawdor) boxes I've sampled, due to their non-modular nature, must prima facae have less poses.  But apparently not, apparently we can build enough variety with the seemingly more limited amount of choice with these new kits and still create enough variety to actually satisfy ourselves. 
And if we want more, then it's down to what we've always done and source 3rd party parts and chop up the GW kits to increase the diversity of the kits.  Anyway, as you can see, these ones have Eisenkern heads, so they match the existing Saranians whilst being ever so slightly different - to draw attention to them so you can spot the armour and hellguns.
So these fellas have my bestest ever attempt at Flektarn, in the traditional autumn colours.  I got the wolf totems on their shoulders and the Iggy flash on their other arm, so they match.  Allow me to draw your attention to this man here, so you can compare and contrast. 
There are nine of these dudes, incl the sharpshooter, squad leader, radio operator and medic.
They are also accompanied by a Cadian Combat Engineer.  Because reasons.
So I've found a little time and the weather is a bit better.  This afternoon I have had the Vallhalans out and worked on their bases - some of them have lanquished on unfinished bases for well over a decade, so it's good to be making a bit of progress there.
The amount of random crap to do in the garage will certainly keep me busy for another decade at least, even if I never buy another mini.