Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by, this is scheduled as I am away. I have another great offering to the Chaos Gods, a disgusting and resilient one, an embodiment of Papa Nurgle itself - a second Great Unclean One.
This was an eBay purchase which I have added some washes too and some details, plus redoing the base to match my own bases. The use of the Rotigus tentacles arm was a nice touch to make it look different from the flail armed GUO.
I added Agrax to the lower half of the miniature and a lot of sand and gravel to the base before repainting it. I also added some green wash to the folds of skin to get it similar to the current GUO and Scabeiathrax FW resin GUO I already have.
The previous owner did a nice subtle conversion to add the large Plague Sword as well as the Plague Dagger. 
I really enjoyed this process, and have a Rotigus kit yet to do. I may attempt that following the same process as my first GUO, and changing the washes slightly for a different finish.

Cheers, Siph