Afternoon, I've finally got around to starting my Turnip28 army. I say finally, that's not true, I actually built these in October! I've just finally got around to blogging about them. 

Now, I'd say these are exactly as I originally imagined I'd do a Turnip28 squad, back when I first saw Turnip28. But, I've since seen some much weirder and interesting conversions. So, although I'm really pleased with my results I'm also slightly disappointed. But, I know if I was to try to achieve the more esoteric I wouldn't have even got this far. 

Anyway, these are Perry Napoleonics, mixed with some War of the Roses or Medieval Command squad. 

I've also used some elements from my Kurnoth Hunters to make Hermit Crab like backpacks, that I could fill with flock and various twigs from my old 'witches broom'

I made these twin to use as a toff, with some green stuff for a weird root vegetable type snout. Is it a mutation? A plague doctors mask? An elongated armoured visor? Who knows.

For now we have another Bloody Great Big Bloody BIG BUILD Stamp of Bloody BUILD Approval

I've since undercoated them. Bone for the unit, black for the Toff.

I'm thinking a Hallowe'en them, with oranges and black. Now I always intended them to have black tar bases, like my Death Guard. But I somehow like the Red Planet BASE and there is a picture in the Turnip28 rulebook that is very red, so I think I can make it work. 

That way I can make use of the movement trays I found useless for 40k

Now I've since added orange jackets, and brown straps, bags and weapons. In the process I've discovered they're fiddly to paint if I try to capture the detail and that was never supposed to be the plan.

So that's why they've sat untouched for months. But at least it urged me to get back on the Deathwing...