Having knocked out the first two models (Primaris Lieutenant and Titus) within the first fortnight of #MarchForMacragge, it was my intention to complete the Ancient and the Assault Intercessors in equal time. However reality and a looming art deadline kept me away from the hobby table for a good chunk of the past month. This left the remaining models stuck in basecoat limbo, although they were at least passable for 'battle ready' I suppose...

Basecoats on the Ancient. 

Until now! 

With art* completed I was able to ready dig into these guys.  However with a bit of perseverance I pushed on and got 'em done! Well, the Assault Intercessors anyway, the Ancient will be finished in Part 3

The one I feel I should discuss the most is the Sergeant. His breast shield (I feel like these things have a proper name but it escapes me at this time) has a very old decal in it. This decal came with our** first paint set and for the Ultramarines the decals we got were all red. This alone is what prompted us to choose the third company as the company for our Ultramarine models. 

1989, the year it started for me. 

And once added to the little shield, well, I think it works pretty good! The yellowing isn't too bad...maybe I should've painted the shield a bone-like color? 

Again I used a 30 year old paint on the Sergeant's helmet, the color in question being Ruby Red. 

The rest of these chaps are pretty much all the same, just posed differently. I really enjoy painting the Assault Intercessors models, I just think they're dynamic yet still leave a lot of space for a painter to play around with yet aren't too over the top with busy filigree noise like the Chaos Marines have. 

It's a bit more obvious on this next model than the previous guy's but I thought it might help me to distinguish them during a game to give this squad red left knee guards. In addition to just that color change I applied some old Roman numeral threes as a identifier of their allegiance to the third company.  

Another difference form this squad and the first squad is that I painted the gold using a technique found in Inquisitor Magazine. I think this makes the aquillas really pop for sure! 

And no, I still don't drill my barrels; live with it. 

And that's the Assault Intercessors done, now on to the Ancient! 

* Specifically art for Onward Retainer #9, which will be featured in Tales From The Smoking Wyrm #9.  

**My brother and I.