Imperial Star Destroyer. One of my all-time favorite starships (Galactica '78, Yamato, Enterprise-Refit, and the K'Tinga are the others in my top five). I have made a couple of the older plastic models, and I have the super fancy Bandai, and the big Revell/Zvesda kits, still unbuilt. But I have always longed for a really big model, maybe not the studio scale eight foot long monster, but larger than any available plastic kit.

Along comes the 3D printing revolution. I'm not (yet) a CAD artist, so I had to wait for someone to make a really nice STL that could be printed out...FAB365 makes a wide array of very nice files. 

So we just scaled it up by 200% and about a 120 hours later, Mrs Blackheart's fancy Prusa XL printer made a 30" long beauty.

The one thing I didn't really take into account was the huge amount of paint it took.
It was a lot, six-ish pots about three drybrush layers. Printing it in black saved a few painting steps as the model has very nice panel lines. Now to hang it up in my office.

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