Back to the small scale! After some trials and lots of errors, I figured out how to paint my Epic infantry. 

A lot of people paint them on the sprues, but that was a bit klunky for me, and a few (tiny!) figures had to be assembled. Those Dreadnoughts are SEVEN @#$% parts. Ahem. So that was not going to work out for me. After trying blu-tack and crazy glue, I set upon good ole hot glue to temporarily attach the wee figs to a piece of wood. 

I find this method fast and really easy to paint. Removing the little dudes does take a sharp X-actor and a bit of patience though. It also makes painting the bases much easier without anything on them.

I have some more infantry to paint up, then it's tank time!

Work Smaller, Not Harder
Wait. That's Not Right