My personal March For Macragge challenge has been completed! Behold, Brother Jay the Third Company Primaris Ancient! 

The finished Ancient. 

Finishing this guy was fun, but just like Da Masta Cheef recently stated when he painted up his second version of this model, he's got a lot of decals on him! 

The base model has four decals. I put one on his left hip plate only when I realized it was a bit too large to fit one of the banner squares I had hoped to put it on. 

Applying the decal onto his left pauldron was a real challenge. The left side nozzle almost touches the pauldron and it looks like the gap is big enough to slide a decal between, but, not really. I was persistent though and some how got it to work. 

Ok,  now let's discuss this banner: 

I decided to paint the border and the backside of the banner red to represent the third company. I had the idea to use a really old decal, from one of my first decal sheets from way back in the Rogue Trader days of 1989. It's red and I thought it would pop out best against a white background. 


The rest of this was fairly straightforward. I opted to use yellow on the shield  emblem on the banner as I like the way it contrasts without clashing too harshly against the rest of the colors. 
done without decals.

I used seven decals on this thing. The most odd was the scroll on the lower right. I cut up some of the copyright indicia fro. the bottom of one of the decal sheets from was using and scrambled up the words. I kind of wanted it to say nothing g but give the illusion of importance. Not unlike the Deathwatch shoulder pads in that sense.  

Done with decals. 

The decal for the main icon was a bit yellowed with age so I tried to cover some of that up with White Scar. I left a little bit showing  close to the icon because I think it gives off an odd optical effect, a bit like a glow. 

Once that was done I stuck the banner onto the guy. 

Over all, I think I'm fairly pleased with the results. 

I really think that beakie helm turned out great on this model. I wish I had the idea sooner, I would have put beakie helms on all of my Ultramarines . However he will have to do as a lone reminder of the past glorious days.

Speaking of which, the Tau skull and helms at his feet are an homage to Da Masta Cheef's Tau, even though my Ultramarines have yet to face them, I feel it might be inevitable. 

The same night I finished this guy, I also finished another small squad that I managed to cram into March of Macrage. I think they deserve their own post however so look for that soon.