I did not need to build these guys. I have a lot of Genestealers, more than I can currently field in a game, but I wanted a unit that looked very different from the other painted unit. The first unit, or if you prefer brood, that I painted started off life as a kill team intended to be used in one of the older iterations of the Kill Team game. But this brood I wanted to build using the scything talons and extended carapace, two options and biomorphs that have been saddly dropped from their rules. 

The brood of 8. 

Just like the last two batches of termagants, I painted these up to a battle-ready standard as I don't currently want to invest the time in them to get them up to my parade-ready standard. I will in time, just not yet. I did this by using mostly Contrast Paint with exception to just the extended carapace which was basecoated using Abaddon Black

I wanted these guys to look like the hivemind was actively adapting with guys, thus the variety of biomorphs and strange heads. Even though the game hardly supports these concepts on the tabletop. 

The first half of these guys I put together using their basic hands, as that's traditionally how they're built. However the assembly instructions that I got showed them using  the clawed hands with the scytjing talons that I thought looked really dynamic. So I built the second half using that look. 

Those of you that can count will have no doubt noticed that this is just a brood of eight models and Genestealers are now fielded in units of 5 - 10 models. I have one finished model that will join with these fiends, despite his lack of biomorphs. The poor guy has been through hell since he was first finished so it will be nice to give him some chums to run with. I just need to find one more model of this style genestealer purestrain to complete the brood...