Continuing now from Part 1, I applied a wash of Tesseract Glow all over his flesh. And wow did I love the result of this! Remember, the formula for his flesh up to this point was an Olive Drab Prime, Caliban Green basecoat, and Gretchin Green Foundation Paint. The next pic shows only his right arm with the Tesseract Glow so you can see the difference. 

Tesseract Glow on one arm.

And here is the front of model with Tesseract Glow all over the flesh. 

Tesseract Glow layer.

And here is the back side. Back in the '90s I probably would've called this done, as it looks very close to the scheme I was using back then. 

View of left arm. 

But I can't leave well enough alone.  So added Apple Barrel Kiwi as a next level coat, first level thinned down the next solid, before finishing it off with a highlight of Sunburst Yellow

"Me flesh is done!"

Next came some more details, In this case, his mouth. The tongue and gums were based with Khorne Red, then Screamer Pink before next a final coat of Pink Horror. Two layers of Screaming Skull were applied to the teeth and bone areas. 

Teeth cleaned by dental squig. 

And this looks like a good place to stop. Look out for part 3 sooner than later (hopefully).