Just wanted to make some small updates regarding various blog-related topics.

As an update to my Road to the Bokur Brawl series, I finally sat down and figured out exactly what I own for Devourer's Host. My numbers were mostly correct, but I found out I had another Feral Warpwolf (bringing me to four), a second Winter Argus, and a total of eight Wild Argus. My plan is to try to convert those excess Wild Argus into either Winter or Moonhound Arguses, but that is not much of a priority, given that I don't see many duplicates in lists. Maybe they go into the bits box for future conversions.

I also picked up a Razorwing Griffon.

I have two Lord of the Feast models, one of the standard ones, and one from the Minicrate. Seeing as how the one is missing his arm, I will probably use the Minicrate variant.

I also have two Nuala the Huntress models, one standard, and one from the Minicrate. I will look to see which one I like better and try to give the other away.

I have a spare unit (well, two spare MK4 units) of Tharn Ravagers. I am not sure I have a place for them in conversions, so they may go in the giveaway pile, too.

I am one Wolf Rider model short of a second unit of Tharn Wolf Riders. As I said in the first post talking about the army, I may try to convert one from a champion model at some point.

So, with my collection mostly correct, and everything done on that part, I have turned fully to painting my army, which is moving, although not fast yet. I will post updates as I have them. My plan is to start putting them on the table and getting experience in June.

I have added a page on the blog to list an inventory of my armies for miniature games. There is not much there yet, but I will update it periodically as I go through my collection of miniatures. It will include the status in getting it to the table, and links to where I show off any relevant updates.

Speaking of pages, I now have a good process to update my listing of unplayed board games. It shouldn't ever be more than a week out of date. If you see something you would like to play, please let me know!

Finally, my blog showed up in a GMT games monthly update! That would have been exciting, except for how it showed up:

Disgusting. Thankfully, I have great friends- Rob made me a logo, and after talking with my friends, we made some minor changes, and ended up with this:

What do you think?