Following up from the previous post I got right into painting this fiend. I started out by painting just about the entire model using Khorne Red. An appropriate color choice for sure. On the brass areas I used my tried snd true Ral Partha Bronze. The bones, tusks, skulls and hooves were coated using Corax White

Base coats. 

Next I washed all of the flesh using Agrax Earthshade. The bones areas were coated with Skeleton Horde Contrast Paint. 

Washes on most of it. 

The armor was coated using the classic Citadel color from the '90s, Blood Red. Still my go-to after all these years. 

Blood Red armor.

After tightening up that red armor I finished it with a subtle edge highlight of another classic '90s color, Sunburst Yellow. 

Sunburst Yellow highlights.

The bones and such were all given a layer of Screaming Skull paint. It was at this point I decided to make the space marine helmet (which I think probably still has a head in it) an Ultramarine. It was a color contrast choice more than anything. I like to make the dead marines on my chaos bases Dark Angels but I haven't encountered any on the tabletop in years. 

Screaming Skull on the bones. 

This is a good place to stop. He is almost done and I should get him wrapped up in Part 3. See you then!