Today, I have a recent commission piece to showcase. This was a board that I did to match the Chem zone mat. The ruins were some GW tournament style MDF ruins that I had found on ebay a while back, but had never used. The set was actually really good value, getting two tables worth of terrain for only £95. 

I started by assembling the ruins, but didn't glue them to the base. I added some cut cardboard shapes to the bases to mimic the style of the mat, as well as leaving some spaces for additional details like the mesh and service panels. 

Trying to colour match to the ruins was difficult. I didn't get it perfect, but managed to get a close-ish version. This was a dark grey undercoat, followed by a drybrush of metallic pearl deep brown paint, followed by a silver drybrush. It wasn't a complete match, but I was much happier with that than the first grey effort I did. 

Once all the ruins were painted, I then added a few more details to get them to match the mat a bit better. 

I painted some sections in green to match the chemicals on the mat, then covered the sections with a hexagonal mesh to match the gaming mat once more. I also decided to add a few effluent pipes with the chemical spilling out.

The effluent trail was made from some garden wire, covered with modelling clay. Once dry, I added some filler to the clay and scored it to make it look like it was streaming down. These were painted to match the green chemical on the board. 

Finally, I added some details like soot/burn marks, blood stains and some hazard stripes to the panels. With that, both sets were complete! I was really happy with how these turned out, and it allowed me to try some new techniques that I hadn't used before. 

If you are looking for some terrain commissions, please get in touch!