So as usual, I've been utterly terrible at keeping up with this blog. I've been in a bit of a hobby funk recently that I've just gotten over, so hopefully I'll be getting a bit more to show you guys soon.

I did manage to get these guys done for my AoS Slaanesh though:

These Blissbarb Archers have been sitting unfinished on my desk for about a year now. There was so much detail on them that i was a little daunted so i kept putting off painting them.

I recently saw a YouTube video though that made them look a lot simpler than I thought, so i decided to give it a go. It certainly wasn't as easy as they made it look! I'm glad i gave it a try though, as in my opinion they're some of the nicest results I've achieved on anything for ages!

Posting them up here has actually made me realise I could probably do with going over the base trims with another layer, but that's easily fixed. 

I particularly love the skin tone I achieved for them. It really gives a nice, unnaturally pale look to the whole unit which I'll definitely be transferring to other projects.

All in all these guys have really given my hobby mojo the kick up the arse it needed and I'm pretty psyched to get working on other bits. I definitely want to see if i can get more of my Hedonites churned out whilst I'm in the right mood for it, but I've also got some Old World bits to be working on too. I'll post more once ive decided what it'll be.

Until next time, happy hobbying!