After my recent game/schooling by Warfrog and his Tyranids, he gifted me some spare bug stuff. One of those was an assortment of the new style Spore Mines. I really like the new, bigger, size and whoever sculpted these things really captured their floaty vibe by the way the tentacles are posed. They're also considerably larger than their previous incarnations. 

I got these things painted up ro a battle-ready standard by using contrast paints. Xereus Purple and Ultramarines Blue were the two main colors and I used Bloodletter to wash over the weird flesh membrane looking thing that's the core of the mine.  And that's really it. And the Contrast Paints make for a good quick multi-tone look that I'm satisfied with. And of course I can revisit these again later to paint them up to my Parade Standard. 

There are three different poses, and here they are; 

I have more of these things (he gave me about 15 or so) but this is a good start.  I'll say it again, I think the Contrast Paints do a great job getting these things into a table-worthy state, and they will hold up well enough until I can turn my attention back on to them. Which, with all the real-life stuff I got going on, will be a while down the road. So don't hold your breath for Part 2!