On the BoS today are some Cawdor Gangers ("My answer is in my sword, thou bloodier Villian !")

This is ganger with an Anvil hooded head and an Anvil priest body with a Cawdor head and plastic DKK Flamer.  S'kinda where it's gonna go when the Iggies figure out that they cannot actually cover the entire outside perimeter of Xyphonica in depth and reluctantly let the Frateris Militia cover some of the lines. 


Two Anvil preists.  Because someone has to deliver some direcction here, otherwise there'd be chaos.  (lack of organisation and control type chaos, not tentacles and too many teeth chaos).  

And just in case you weren't aware, Simon over at Fort Wargame is doing a 24hr paintathon so he gets to paint stuff and raise funds for charity as well.