Avatars of War has made some really great models over the years and these trolls are no exception!

Their .stl files print well, came presupported and gave my fussy machines little problem.

I elected to do three trolls with great weapon in blue to be used as Stone Trolls.

These were done quickly using the zenithal primer method followed by a basecoat of Blue Black wash (Secret Weapon). Colors were blocked in and the whole model washed with Soft Tone ink (Army Painter) 

Blue highlights are Deep Sky Blue (Vallejo Model Color).

Whites are the Reaper Bone Triad.

Metals are Engine Metal (SW) brushed up with Chrome (Vallejo Model Air)
Browns began as Heartwood Brown (Reaper)

The same process was used on the six common trolls except the base wash was Sewer Water (SW).

Vomit is Hexwraith Green (Citadel) brush up is Reaper Copper Verdigris.

Glass bottles are Copper Verdigris with shading from Hexwraith Green 
Reds are Maroon Red (Reaper) highlights Neo Burnt Red (SW).

Greys are Stone Gray (Reaper) brush up Misty Gray (Reaper).

Brassy metals are Brass Casings (SW) Flesh Wash (SW) brush up Chrome.

Bases were previously addressed and were printed in clear resin to to get the translucent effect on the crystals.

Everthing was sealed Dead Flat (Rustoleum) then crystals, eyes, glass, blood, tongues, and gems were spot varnished with Gloss Varnish (Vallejo).