Afternoon #WarHamFam and #WarhammerCommunity I've been #PaintingWarhammer on my #AdeptusTitanicus Titans. With my base colours in place it was time to bring the yellow. This is Instar Paints 'vinatge' IV-16, which is a copy of the old Citadel Foundation Iyanden Darksun. I don't think they make it anymore [either of them] but I got a big bottle and although it looks more like a khaki in the bottle does give a great base over the orange [which was their Macharius Solar Orange copy - IV-17]

It was mostly stippled on to keep some of the underpainting and already help with the mottled effect. I think at this point I was less motivated with the second Reaver, I might have not kept pace with it, either way I didn't take any pictures.

I did take pictures of the Warhounds though.

I mean I love yellow, so easily these two are my favourites.

Which is why I only took one pic of this. I think I just hadn't got round to how I was going to make this blue work. It was the least explored colour in my scheme and although blue can be an easy colour to work with I still had doubts on how it would come out. 

I needn't have worried as every time I have done blue it's been OK in the end. Even so, when you are less experienced with things you start to worry, which is why it's great to get these opportunities to try new things. That way in the future those concerns can easily be dismissed and progress can continue. I mean this is decades of painting now and I still have doubts about painting blue!? I guess we're all still learning, just some of us take longer than others.