Do I really need another Primaris Lieutenant? (Does anybody?) Well, yeah, I do. This particular guy will fit in nicely with my Reivers as well as the Eliminators unit I constructted alongside this guy. They were finished during the March For Macrage challenge, but this poor chap was sidelined. -Until now!

They're not garters, they're knife straps!" 

Of course I basecoated the blue armor using my old Space Marine Blue. I hope I can find another paint pot of this color eventually, or at least a good analog for it. 

Let's cut to the chase, since I have shown these steps ad nauseum on this blog  already and I just don't feel the need to be that redundant at this moment.  I pretty much painted him like the examples I've seen in Imperium Magazine and elsewhere, with the exception that I painted his mask red with a white stripe running down the middle to denote his Lieutenant rank. I think this looks pretty cool, even though this might increase the odds of him getting shot in the face. Of course I realized well after the fact that these colors should be inverted, but I like the way this turned out so I'll leave it be. 

Finally, the dreaded decal stage.  Thankully this wasn't too problematic and I only used two decals on this model. 

And with that stage completed he is done. Normally I would probably add a few grass tufts but I have already packed them away for the move.  

And yes my family are moving to new house and everything is in chaos and disarray. Granted I'm not moving far, just 20 acres away, but it's turnng out to be a long drawn out affair which has stopped my hobbying for the time being. Hopefully things will pick back up soon.