Following up from my previous post, I wanted to provide an update, as I have passed one of my scheduled milestones.

The goal was to paint up a 30-point recon list by the end of May, and I can report that I.... failed to accomplish this.

I am sure this is not surprising, but a number of factors contributed to it, including getting a later start than expected, due to organizing my collection taking significantly more time than I had planned for, which slowed me down.

With that said, it was not a total failure. I finished some minis!

My Gallows Grove is done. Not a particularly involved model, I admit, but getting the browns to look different enough to be interesting took me a bit.

I finished a Feral Warpwolf! I am pretty happy how he turned out, and I tried some new painting techniques (such as wet blending).

My last two minis have paint on them, but are not completed:

So, I did not make it, but given that I painted zero models in 2023, finished two models so far in 2024 has me feeling rather good. I feel like I have a good handle on my paint scheme, how to paint it quickly, and I have continued painting since the end of May. I likely will not hit my targets, but hell, who cares? I have painted minis and will have a painted army! That is a win, as far as I am concerned.

Anyway, moving on, my next target date is the end of July, with a 50-point list, running Iona. The list I will work towards assembling and painting is:

  • Iona the Unseen
    • Feral Warpwolf
    • Razorwing Griffon
  • Tharn Ravager Shaman
  • Tharn Ravager White Mane
  • Tharn Blood Pack
  • Tharn Ravagers
    • Tharn Ravager Chieftain

Of this, I have the Feral Warpwolf painted, and after these are done, I will have a good mix of beasts and infantry/solos painted. Will it be done by the end of July? Well, probably not. It will at least be assembled, gap-filled, based, and primed. It does not mean I won't shoot to paint them, but realistically I know I am too slow.

But hey, stick around and check back- maybe I will get closer than I think.

Thanks for reading and see you next time!