Stormcast Eternals Lord Aquillor

There’s not much Age of Sigmar releases lately that I haven’t loved and the Stormcast Eternals stuff is no exception. I’ve picked up all the new stuff from this range and the first miniature I painted was the Lord Aquillor. I also made a video for...

Plastic Lord of Change

The new plastic Lord of Change from Games Workshop is a beautiful miniature. I bought two of them so I can make one as Fateweaver. I have built and painted the first one as a regular Lord of Change Save

Inquisitor Greyfax

My favourite miniature from The Gathering Storm Triumvirate of the Imperium boxed set is easily Inquisitor Greyfax. I wanted to try a NMM gold and silver for her armour which despite not being perfect has came out satisfactory. I will keep practicing it for sure. I...

Magnus The Red

My second favourite GW release of 2016 after Alarielle was Magnus the Red. He is the first daemon Primarch we have seen in Warhammer 40,000 and the model certainly does him justice. I didn’t really like the silver armour GW painted on him so I opted for an ivory...

Kharn The Betrayer

It was great to see GW release an updated version of Kharn the Betrayer. With Ahriman also released this weekend I can but hope these are just the start of seeing all the chaos space marine special characters receiving new models.