11 Tips That Will Help You Paint Your Miniatures Faster

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#1 Thing You Can Do to Improve Painting & Hobby Motivation

There's a lot of different things you can do to improve painting and hobby motivation. Today I wanted to talk about what I feel is the #1 thing you can do, and that's to setup a dedicated hobby space. Having to constantly take the time to pull out all your...continue...

15 Blood Bowl Team Management Tips to Maximize Your Team Value

This Blood Bowl topic is going to be a lengthy one. It's also my perspective. This is my opinion and not everyone is going to agree on the best way to handle team management. Ultimately it's a subjective area but hopefully you find this useful. What I'll discuss is...

6 Valuable Lessons That Improved My Miniature Painting Skill

Following up on the things I wish I know about miniature painting, I thought I'd cover the top things I learned that really improved my skills as a miniature painter. I'm not going to sit here and tell you I'm an amazing painter and that's why you should listen...

Why I’m Done Playing Warhammer 40k: This Is the End

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