Fat Ogre Febuary Tourny

Well folks today is the monthly tourney at Fat Ogre Games. We had a good turn out with 20 folks. Most armies were present with a few notable exceptions. No Templars, Chaos and a complete lack of Sisters. We did have 2 'Nid players that performed faily well.

The Custodes at Last

Ok folks,I have finally got one of the fellas done. Here he in all his glory.Side by side comparison of size. My Custodes are an "Art" Scale rendition. Thanks to Master of The Forge, for the inspiration.

New Sister Rumors

Via the BoK network....."I want to confirm for everyone that the Sisters new “book” will be coming out sometime this year (most likely before the Necron release). There is more– SoB will be White Dwarf only release stretched over two issues, with a online PDF by the...